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3M .35mil Hand-Masker Advanced Masking Film

  • Ideal for multiple-coat paint applications
  • Ultra flake resistant
  • Film layers have a hassle-free fold to prevent film from getting caught in tape
  • Static cling feature keeps film in place when using spray equipment and in windy condition
$15.99 - $20.99

3M 12" Hand-Masker Blade

  • Designed to cut masking film, plastic, or paper
  • Protect windows, doors, and other surfaces when painting
  • Durable stainless steel with a protective plastic blade guard
$19.99 - $28.99

3M M3000 Hand-Masker

  • Masks off an area for painting, texturing, finishing or sanding
  • For use with 3M marking films and ScotchBlue painter's tapes
  • Allows for fast, continuous application

AllPro Blue Tape

  • Indoor and outdoor use.
  • Use on glass, vinyl and wood where clean removal is required.
  • Rubber impregnated for strength and durability.
  • Special Acrylic adhesive formulated for holding power and easy release.
  • Not recommended for use on wallpaper, unpainted wallboard, ceiling tile, or uncured coatings.
$3.99 - $7.99

AllPro Gold Pro Tape

  • Flexible crepe masking tape 
  • Excellent pressure sensitive qualities
  • Rubber impregnated for strength
  • Good painter’s grade masking tape
$2.19 - $5.99

Frogtape Delicate Surfaces Painter's Tape

Get crisp, clean lines on your next painting project with FrogTape® Delicate Surface Painter’s Tape. How does it work? It’s made with exclusive PaintBlock® Technology, a super-absorbent polymer that reacts with the water in latex paint and instantly gels to form a micro-barrier that seals the edges of the tape to prevent paint bleed. The result is a crisp, professional paint line. Specifically designed to work on delicate surfaces such as fresh paint, wallpaper and decorative projects, this premium grade masking tape is perfect for when you need a lower adhesion level to help prevent surface damage.

$11.39 - $14.99

Frogtape Multi-Surface Painter's Tape

  • Premium grade painter’s tape for most common paint applications
  • Edge-treated with patented PaintBlock® Technology for sharp paint lines
  • Recommended for use on carpet, cured painted walls, glass, metal, stone and unfinished wood
  • Removes cleanly from most surfaces for up to 21 days
  • Premium adhesion to help eliminate the need for touch-ups
  • Tape canister for clean, protected storage
  • Interior/exterior use
  • Medium adhesion
$9.69 - $16.99

FrogTape Pro Grade Painter's Tape

FrogTape Pro Grade Painter’s Tape combines the sharp paint lines of PaintBlock Technology with the value of a traditional blue painter’s tape into an exclusive contractor multi-pack. FrogTape Pro Grade is treated with PaintBlock Technology, which forms a micro-barrier to seal the edges of the tape. This prevents paint bleed and delivers the sharp paint line performance you expect from the FrogTape Brand. Featuring a premium adhesive that is recommended for cured painted walls and trim, glass and metal, this blue painter’s tape removes cleanly from most surfaces for 14 days. Available only in contractor multi-pack.


Husky .31 Mil High Density Painters Poly Film

  • Protects surfaces from moisture, dust, debris, paint, and more
  • Use as an overspray shield, paint drape or multi-purpose cover
  • Made of high density polyethylene

Red Rosin Building Paper 36" X 167'

  • Provides temporary protection during painting, ceramic flooring and other messy projects.
  • Heavy, non-adhesive paper.
  • Water and tear resistant.
  • Makes cleanup fast and easy.

Trimaco Brown Easy Mask General Purpose Masking Paper

  • Masking paper is formulated for water-based materials
  • Best used for plaster, drywall texture and latex
  • Use paper to mask off window and door trim to prep for painting
$2.49 - $3.29